New York City


times square

It’s been a long time since I visit New York City again, it really feels good to be back in the states again. This is the famous Times Square located at the 42th street, crowded and pack but full of surprises.


statue of liberty

Statue of liberty! Everyone knows what is this! It’s located at downtown Manhattan, too bad we couldn’t go to Ellis Island due to under reconstruction. I really enjoyed the Ferry ride although it’s cold that time.


brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn bridge somehow reminds me of a song sing by Bruno Mars. That person is somewhere, somewhere somewhere in Brooklyn.


from the top of Rockefeller center


nightview of New York City, from the top of empire states building

All my facebook likes goes to these two pictures, the view of New York City is just splendid. How I wish I could really give this big apple city a big hug. Lots of feel writing this post, I want to go back to the states so badly right now;; but I have to finish my ADP course here first, just three more semester to go yayay!

goodnight :]


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