The Man who went Heaven

I read a post from the Internet which is quite meaningful, it’s a meaningful story.
A man died and because he had been a good person, he went to Heaven, where Saint Peter greeted him at the door.
Welcome! he said. You can enter Heaven right away, but, because you lived such a good life, you can also go and check out Hell first, if you like.
The man was rather curious and said – well, why not – and he went down all the stairs to reach the door of Hell, which opened before him.
Behind the door, he saw many people sitting around tables with delicious food! But they were all very sad, and suffering, because instead of hands they had long knives and forks as arm extensions and they did not manage to put any of this great food in their mouths.
The man went back up to Heaven and said to Saint Peter: Wow, am I glad that I can go to Heaven. That is really some punishment.
Welcome to Heaven, Saint Peter said, as he let the man in.
What did he see there? He saw many people sitting around tables with delicious food, just like in Hell!
And just like in Hell, they also had these long fork and knive extensions on their arms!
But in Heaven, the people weren’t crying or cursing, because they were sticking the food in each other’s mouths! “Try this”, they laughed. “And this!”, and they had lots of fun in the process.

Lesson: Happiness comes from making other people happy. Don’t be selfish but care for other people, and you will be taken care of as well.


Be a bigger person, bring happiness for others because you can feel the joy too! To receive is to give, right? Everyone, please be good~ =]


Kismet, baby.

it could be a kismet that you are here, reading my post.

What’s KISMET ?

When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kismet, your destiny. It can also be defined as an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future.

The word kismet comes from the Arabic word ḳismat, meaning “division, portion, lot.” You can think of kismet as your lot in life, or your fate. You’ll often hear the word used in relation to something significant that came about entirely by chance. If you met the love of your life when you spilled coffee on one another as you fell on the icy sidewalk of a street you never walked down before, all you can do is smile and shrug and say, “Kismet.”


Just having some random thoughts in this midnight here. There may have a lot of times we have to deal with people we don’t like, but we couldn’t run away or avoid interacting with them.

I always wanted to be a bigger person, a one that is kind and calm, mature like an elder sister, understanding like a best friend and able to have a humble heart.

“A person with a good heart is the ultimate winner.” It seems to be disadvantageous to always have a kind heart and to live life righteously. But if one’s motive and purpose is not coming from the inner heart of goodwill, there will not be a good ending. If everyone doesn’t forget to lead a life with this kind of heart, it will be so good.

The only way to change the future is to change the present, so work hard to achieve your dreams. If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.

My new year resolution is to be a better person, and i wish good things will happen in this year of the horse.

Happy Chinese new year everyone!

The Gentleman Approach

Today I want to share a R&B/ Soul genre music to everyone. This album is call ‘The Gentleman Approach” by Jeff Bernat.

Jeff Bernat is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Reno, NV. Born in Subic Bay, Philippines then moved to Japan where his Dad was stationed and retired in the Navy. He moved to Reno in 1995 and has been there ever since. Has been into music since he was a little boy where he started as a dancer, then learned to play the drums. After high school, he started taking singing more seriously and learned to write and produce music. He released his first album “The Gentleman Approach” in December of 2011 and within hours his album reached the #5 spot in the R&B charts on iTunes. He landed a record distribution deal in Japan and Korea. He has performed all over the United States and other countries such as Canada and South Korea. Has already had two sold out shows in Seoul Korea this year and has became good friends with Nick Khun and Jun K of 2PM.

All of his songs are very easy to listen as it is the kind of music that you would listen when you are lying on your bed or have a very sweet time alone trying to relax yourself. His songs are very relaxing, calming and almost soothing.

Definitely check out his album, The Gentleman Approach,-the title of this album just suits its character; as if  a nice gentleman is approaching to you


First post of this blog is to introduce what is this blog about.

I will make it as my personal blog which I would mainly blog about travelling and some other things that I find it interesting such as untranslatable words which are the words and phrases that don’t have direct English translations.

this blog is named Forelsket which means the euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love.

This is a wonderful term for that blissful state, when all your senses are acute for the beloved, the pins and needles thrill of the novelty. There’s a phrase in English for this, but it’s clunky. It’s “New Relationship Energy“, or NRE.

I travel very often and each time when I visit the country again, or I arrive at a new destination, it gives me the feeling of Forelsket. Each country have their different lifestyle and culture which I don’t experience it my daily life.